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Letter of Authorization Checklist

Emergency Port... Can't Port Your Toll Free Number?

There are hundreds of reasons your Toll Free Phone carrier is making your life difficult and not allowing you to port your number... We can change that, if you are having problems no worry, just fill out our quick form pay the service fee and we will get your number usually within a few days, Guaranteed...

If we don't get your number we will refund you 100% money back...


Upon receipt of this form, we will start the transfer process and work with your existing carrier to transfer your number. The porting process generally takes 12 to 30 business days. To ensure a successful porting experience please review the 800 Toll Free Now - LOA checklist Below


* Unfortunately this is an FCC guideline that allows the porting company to take that long, and we do apologize in advance for this wait, BUT you will not be out of service during this wait... we can set you up in our system, so that when the change is complete you will roll right in and won't skip a beat...


Check List

  If you have distinctive ring, a PIC freeze, or a carrier change restriction, you must remove it prior to porting your number. If you make changes to features or services with your existing provider, it could delay or interrupt the porting process.
  The NAME and ADDRESS on this form must be the same as the records of your current provider, or your transfer request will be rejected. It must match exactly, information is case sensitive.
  Do NOT call your existing carrier to cancel service or you will not be able to keep your telephone number. In order for LNP to work correctly your number(s) must be active during the porting process.
  You must complete the e911 process for the account in which you are porting to, prior to submitting your Letter of Authorization.
  All PARTIAL PORTS: If you have more than one number with your current Service Provider and you only want a particular number(s) ported you must indicate it by checking the box in the appropriate field(s).
  Send a copy of a recent telephone bill associated to the number(s) you want to port attached with the LOA form.
  The DATE entered on the LOA must be no more than 30 days old.
  Prestige Voip will notify you, via email, when a port date has been scheduled. Once the port has occurred, the phone number(s) with your previous carrier will ring to your Prestige Voip account(s).
  Once your number(s) has been ported to Prestige Voip you should call your previous carrier to confirm that service has been cancelled. If you have DSL, please keep in mind that you may lose your DSL service if your number(s) is ported.
  All forms must be legible, complete, and SIGNED by the person or persons listed on the bill



Letter of Authorization



Download the form, Fill it out,

Please, No Cell Phone Photos..

Then Fax it back to us...


This is a legal documant proving that you own the number, This is needed by the FCC to keep people from trying to steal other companies Toll Free Numbers.






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