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Special Tracking Numbers

For Personal or Business Use

Special Tracking Numbers Buy a Block of 5 Local Numbers to use as tracking numbers for the local newspaper, craigslist, anything you want...

only $ 8.99/mo each. Need More just ask, we can put together a special package just for you... 500 min per number for this plan

We have the solution that adds value and efficiency to your personal, professional and corporate lifestyle. We are on a mission to create the most powerful hosted unified communications service, so join us as have thousands of others, and benefit from the productivity gains and cost reduction offered by Prestige Voip services.

Make smarter decisions based on results...


  • 5 x $ 8.99 only $ 44.95 a mo. Unlimited incoming calls
  • Only $ 50.00 set up fee
  • Forwarded to any U.S or Canada number you choose
  • We will choose numbers for you with the area code (s) desired
  • Track these numbers with the CDR's ( Call Detail Records )
  • 1 Voicemail per number
  • No contract, cancel anytime

Great for:

  • Track phone calls back to TV and radio spots, print ads, billboards, web pages, and keywords
  • Real Estate Agents wanting to track Listings
  • Attorneys, for physical presence in multiple cities
  • Local number for physical presence, you want to look like your in a specific city or state
  • Election Campaigns
  • Customer Support Tracking
  • Use one as an incoming Fax line
  • Measure true advertising ROI, providing the insight to invest in ads that work

Great Add Ons:  Call Now for Free Analysis for your needs

  • Hosted, Self-Service IVR
  • Custom Call Routing Rules
  • FindMe Call Forwarding
  • Answering Machine
  • Real-Time IVR Analytics and Reporting




These numbers may NOT be ported out of our system, If you port your number in, you may port it out...


We are A2G DESIGNS, a Web design & Hosting company that supplies small business with the options needed to get thru the hard economic times.

We start with the phone system and work our way up... So let us help you save money, so you can put more profit into the hands of your business.

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