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Voip Frequently Asked Questions

Voip Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Facts

Do I need broadband Internet?

YES, IF - you are going to use the system as a VOIP thru your computer...you will need a DSL, cable modem, T1 or similar type of connection in order to use ttmi. We do not recommend using this service on a dial up connection.

NO, IF - you are just using the system to directly forward to existing lines or forward thru the PBX



What do I need to know about Local Number Portability?
  1. Quick and easy process - it usually only takes 12-24 business days for most residential & small business customers
  2. Did we mention it is Free? There is no charge to port your number into our system
  3. Simplify management with one bill for all your communications needs
  4. Available for most numbers, with other carriers to follow soon
  5. Covers 80% of the population, including all major cities and regions

We understand that your phone number can be a personal thing, so if for any reason you decide to leave us, you can take your number with you as long as your new provider has their own capability to port numbers to and from the network. (but with such amazing call rates and service, why would you?)


What are the restrictions on your unlimited toll free product?



The system includes 10k minutes of forwarding minutes which is the most on the market... 

It was designed for small business - so for 39.99 that's still a great deal right!!! Compared to some of the larger companies charging $50 a month for 250 minutes.

You can see the Full Terms of Service ==> Here

What if I need more?

you can add as many lines as you want for just $39.99 each a month and forward them anywhere you want

Vanity Numbers

Can I Reserve A Custom Toll-Free Number? (Vanity Numbers)

We do provide custom Toll-Free Numbers, and would be happy check to see if we have any matches in our current inventory. 

If you are interested in reserving a Custom Vanity Number, please Submit a Request with the number or criteria (i.e. ends in TALK) you are looking for, as well as your contact phone number. 

If we find a match in our inventory, there will be no additional charges to use the number.  If we do not find a match in our inventory, then we will ask the holding house to see if they can reserve the number for us. If they find a number you would like to use, there is a one-time fee of $75.00 to activate the number.

Resellers / Alliliates

Affiliate Agreement

By participating in the Program, the Affiliate agrees:

  1. Affiliate’s will be paid after their referral stays 30 days and makes the next months payment.
  2. Affiliate’s will be paid by paypal on or before the 15th of the month
  3. That the Affiliate’s relationship with 800 Toll Free Sales is non-exclusive.
  4. To comply with all applicable laws and regulations, whether foreign, federal, state or local, applicable to the activities performed hereunder.
  5. Not to engage in typo-squatting, or own a typo domain. Domain names must not include or use misspellings of either "800TollFreeSales" or "800TollFreeNow". Misspellings of domains include those with missing characters, extra characters, wrong character sequences, and where the wrong key is pressed, e.g. www.800TolFreeSales.co, etc.
  6. Not to promote 800 Toll Free Sales products using spam or unsolicited commercial email. The Affiliate represents and warrants the following provisions: (a) each addressee on an e-mail list has opted-in to receive e-mails from the Affiliate; (b) upon request by 800 Toll Free Now, the Affiliate will promptly provide verified opt-in statuses for all recipients of all current mailing lists used to promote 800 Toll Free Sales products; (c) each e-mail sent by the Affiliate will contain clear instructions for addressees to unsubscribe from receiving future e-mails. The Affiliate must not use the 800 Toll Free Sales/Now or A2G Designs brand name or typos in the “From” address line. All Affiliate e-mail correspondence must contain the Affiliate's e-mail addresses.

Affiliate Payment's are as follows:

$20.00 per new activation fee (new customer, that pays an activation fee)
once you get to 50 customers you will receive 2.00 per number activated per month. that will be 100.00 per month. Then 2.00 added on each customer that activates thereafter, as well as the 20.00 per activation

We are A2G DESIGNS, a Web design & Hosting company that supplies small business with the options needed to get thru the hard economic times.

We start with the phone system and work our way up... So let us help you save money, so you can put more profit into the hands of your business.

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